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NSM GurucoolSince 2011

Striving for excellence in spelling and math



NSM Gurucool is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to preparing students from grades K-8 in the fields of math and spelling. NSM Gurucool was founded in 2011 by Narahari Bharadwaj and caters to students from all across the Mid-Atlantic United States, namely the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. NSM Gurucool now collaborates with WishWin to conduct competitions in Texas. The foundation aims to prepare students for state and national spelling and math competitions.


Thanks a ton for taking time to arrange Spellathon today at temple. Your unselfish dedication in nurturing the next generation for what you have achieved is remarkably outstanding. Really, really appreciate your efforts today.Would like to continue learning from your experiences. Again big kudos to Bhardwaj family for the huge success today. :) You have shown us the way, and inspire us to build momentum in shaping up our kids career. Big round of applause .. :)-
VipinRathore, father of SaraRathore, 2nd Grade

I did very well, and I didn't do it alone. You and your foundation have done so much to guide my family and me to where we are today. You were the first person I contacted after winning the county bee because of your expertise in this subject. You guided me to learn the Consolidated List, and you helped me sort out what to learn. You have really inspired me to do my best. Hopefully, you know this already, and if you do, sorry for the redundancy, but you are changing lifes with the stuff you do. Your dedication to helping me and other kids in learning how to spell is overwhelming. I was so comfortable on stage, that I was able to joke around with Dr. Bailly! This was because I was used to being on stage from spelling bees. I visited your spelling bee every time I could and not only learned spelling, but performing on stage. You taught me how to deal with not being first all the time.
I just wanted to thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime.
ShreyasParab, Speller 207, 2013 National Spelling Bee

We would like to thank you for organizing this event and co-ordinating very well. We as parents wanted to give exposure to our child so this was one such opportunity to get together with other kids....thanks so much for presenting such an opportunity.After meeting you during the last Spelling-monthly session we were truly impressed with all that you do. It's such a noble deed from your end wherein not only are you involved in charity at such an young age but equally you are inspiring several aspiring young students to make a difference based on the potential seen in them.Indeed you are spending a great deal of your personal time where your parents are also equally pitching in to nourish your interest so you and your family are setting a very good example for other families as well!We wish you good luck in all your endeavors and thank you once again for all that you do to help the kids in our community where your idea is very innovative too
Balu and Nandini Kulkarni – parents of Anurag B Kulkarni, 3rd Grade

Thank you for the excellent service you are doing to the community.All the Best to You
Sukrit, mother of SarvagnyaKompella, 6th Grade

It is overwhelming to see you taking this initiative. Your experience, guidance & tips would certainly benefit the society.
VipinRathore, father of Sara Rathore, 2nd Grade

Thank you Bhardwaj family for conducting and sponsoring such a great event in Delaware Area
Prasad Parab, father of ShreyasParab, 6th Grade, 2013 National Spelling Bee finalist

Thank you for conducting the spelling competition. It was great learning experience for kids especially in the junior division
Padma Gunturi, mother of VibhaGunturi, 2nd Grade

Thanks for all the help you do. Medha enjoys working on all the spelling words.
Maha Raman, father of Medha Raman

Thank you for your co-ordination and for all your efforts in organizing this event and making it very successful.You and your family are truly an exemplary for all families....we wish you success in all that you do...a job well done!On behalf of Ani we thank you once again!
Balu and Nandini Kulkarni – parents of Anurag B Kulkarni, 3rd Grade

I applaud your efforts to encourage kids in these wonderful extracurricular activities, which are extremely helpful for their higher advancements in language studies, hopefully it will also enhance their love of learning.
SwarnaNeema, mother of SuhanNeema, 2nd Grade

Thanks again for all your work in the Spellathon. You're doing a wonderful job and I hope you keep it up for many years.
Michael T Brillante, father of Edwin Brillante, 8th Grade

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